The new way home.

Downsizer offers you the opportunity to purchase your next property with zero cash deposit.

Step into the next chapter of your life.

Whether you’re ready for a smaller property, need to free up your money or just want to be closer to the grandkids, we have a solution for you.

Why choose Downsizer?

Buy now, sell later

Buy now, sell later

‎We can help you buy your next property without having to sell your current home first, drain your savings or dip into your superannuation. All you need is enough equity in your current home to qualify a zero cash deposit guarantee.

Start living tomorrow, today

Start living tomorrow, today

‎‎‎‎You don’t need to wait to start living the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. We help you make the transition to a new way of life that means less home maintenance and more time to spend doing the things you love.‎ ‎

Easy, secure and cost-effective

Easy, secure and cost-effective

Avoid costly and complicated loans such as bridging finance, reverse mortgages and bank guarantees. We make the process of moving house stress-free, and if you’re over 55 you can make a tax-free superannuation contribution.

Deposit and Financing Solutions

We understand the whole downsizing journey, let us help you.

  • Buy now, sell later
  • Buy a home with zero cash deposit
  • Help with financing and refinancing
  • Pre-approval for house hunting

Join thousands of Australians who are opening the door to their next chapter.

“We are playing it forward. This is about what makes us happy. Minimising household chores & maintenance and maximising our lifestyle“
Geraldine and Mike | found their dream property, and secured their finance with Downsizer
“This generation understands the amount of equity they are sitting on in their home. They have worked hard all their lives and now it is time for some relaxation and fun!"
Martin North - Digital Finance Analytics | found their dream property, and secured their finance with Downsizer
“There is no mad rush. We’ve already started moving things into storage. It would have been very difficult to have found an equivalent to the house we are building in the current market because prices have gone up by so much”
Louise & Andrew | found their dream property, and secured their finance with Downsizer, it was so easy.


It's such a relief really, emotionally, to know that we're not having to save what we don't even have in order to accumulate enough deposit ... it's terrific!
Faye D'elmaine | WOVA Buyer
I made the decision to move, and every new house or apartment you buy you have to put down 5% or 10% deposit, and I didn't have that sort of money being a pensioner. I think this is a good way of doing it.
Mr Hashim Abdul-Rahman | The Establishment Buyer
We weren't in a position to help my Dad transition into a smaller space, it just wasn't an option until Downsizer came and helped. He's surrounded by people as well, and will hopefully create more opportunities for him to have more social networks locally.
Harzita Hasheem | Daughter of Hashim Abdul-Rahman

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